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Blue Diamonds


The price range for blues is relatively broad due to the high demand for all saturation levels in this colour category (light, faint, vivid, etc.). The fact that vivid blues are rare increases their value and vivid blue diamonds have been known to reach seven figures per carat. In recent years two major events have significantly influenced prices. The principal mine producing blue diamonds passed its peak production capacity which caused a significant decrease in the supply of blue diamonds. As the supply of blue diamonds slowed, vivid blue diamonds continued to break auction price records and this trend influenced the increase of prices throughout the chain.


What makes a diamond blue?     


Blue coloration to diamonds can be caused by the presence of boron at the time of diamond formation. If hydrogen is present in sufficient quantity it can cause a blue-grey colour, very similar to that caused by boron. When boron particles become trapped in a diamond's crystal matrix, it can result in the creation of a stunning blue colour. 


The majority of blue diamonds are called Type Ilb diamonds. This means that the diamond has few, if any, nitrogen impurities. The percentage of blue diamonds mined each year is small, with just a few stones recovered annually. In fact, less than a tenth of all graded ‘fancy’ colour diamonds are rare blues (Type lIb). Even rarer are diamonds that show a blue colour due to the hydrogen contained in the gem (Type Ia). However, these diamonds are usually classified with a colour modifier and are generally referred to in gemmological grading reports as grey-violet or grey-blue.


Blue diamonds can appear as a faint blue, very light blue, light blue, fancy light blue, fancy blue, fancy deep blue, and fancy vivid blue. In the event of a secondary hue an intensity referred to as fancy dark is also possible.
























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