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Grey Diamonds


Some collectors consider grey diamonds to be the 'step-brothers’ of blues. A grey diamond with strong saturation can be passed off as a dark blue, especially if viewed in sunlight.  As illustrated in the scale, grey diamonds tend to be at the lower end of the value range for ‘fancy’ colours. The grey stones that are considered less valuable usually appear cloudy or lifeless.  However, a good quality grey can be just as attractive and similar in hue to a much higher priced blue.                    


What makes a diamond grey? 


Fancy greys are an interesting colour set of the ‘fancy’ colour diamond family. Referred to by many consumers as 'silver diamonds', a term that reflects marketing aspirations as opposed to any official terminology, fancy greys span the spectrum of neutral, non-spectral grey tones due to their common secondary colours which are usually blue or violet. The majority of grey fancies are known as Type Ilb diamonds. This grouping refers to a set of unique markers in the diamond's make-up such as the presence of few nitrogen impurities and scattered boron atoms in the crystal matrix that cause the diamond's unique grey (and bluish) colouring.


Grey as a Primary or Secondary Colour


The levels of colour intensity for grey fancy diamonds are light grey, fancy light grey, fancy grey, fancy dark grey, and fancy deep grey. The diamond's colours will appear cooler or warmer according to which tones they contain. A diamond will appear cooler if it contains blue or green and warmer if it contains browns and yellows.


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