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Pink Diamonds


Prices for diamonds in the pink category vary considerably. Prices for faint pinks to fancy light pinks are comparable to the more expensive yellows. On the other hand, vivid pinks have a value more comparable to that of blues. Vivid pinks, including purplish-pinks, continually break records on the rare occasions that they reach the market. Some stones have reached seven figures per carat.


What makes a diamond pink?  


The majority of mined pink diamonds are found at the Argyle Diamond Mine in Australia which is also known for producing an abundance of brown diamonds. The pink coloration is thought to be associated with plastic deformation, possibly in conjunction with another cause.


Until recently, the cause of the pink colouring in diamonds remained something of a scientific mystery. What is known about pink diamonds is that unlike other ‘fancy’ coloured diamonds (greens, blues, yellows) the pink colour is not formed as a result of foreign trace elements trapped inside the diamond's structure. Some scientists attribute the colour to an atomic level lattice defect that selectively absorbs light producing a pink hue.  However, the cause remains unproven.


Like other natural coloured diamonds pink diamonds come in several shades and tones, from faint pink to the extremely rare fancy vivid pink and purplish pink. Diamonds with a light pink tone are generally less expensive than pink diamonds with darker tones. Heavily saturated pure pinks and purplish pinks are considered collectors' items, with prices reflecting their rarity and desirability.


Pink coloured diamonds can be found in every intensity grade in the GIA grading scale; faint, very light, light, fancy light, fancy, fancy intense, fancy vivid, fancy deep and fancy dark. The intensity grades depend on the colour combinations within the stone.


Secondary Hues


As is the case with other ‘fancies’, pure coloured pink diamonds without any secondary hues are generally more valuable. However, as a result of their magnificent appearance, purplish pink diamonds are also highly sought after. Most pink diamonds in today’s market contain any of the following overtone colours; purple, purplish, brown, brownish, greyish, orangey, brownish orangey, and brownish purple.








































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Fancy Light Pink Diamond
Fancy Pink Loose Diamond

Fancy Light Pink Radiant Shaped Loose Diamond 

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Fancy Intense Pink Loose Diamond

Fancy Intense Pink Pear Shaped Loose Diamond 

Fancy Vivid Pink Loose Diamond

Fancy Vivid Pink Pear Shaped Loose Diamond