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Fancy Red Diamonds


A ‘fancy’ red diamond is probably the most desired colour in any fancy colour collection. These gems are extremely rare and their greatly desired traits place them at the top of the value scale. Prices for ‘fancy’ red gems can start at 7 figures per carat. It is Important to note that ‘fancy’ reds do not have a saturation level.    

What makes a diamond red? 


To say that natural red diamonds are extremely rare is something of an understatement. Natural red diamonds are perhaps one of the most rare known diamond formations.  The rarity of these gems also means that we have little gemmological information about them. What is known is that crystal lattice defects showing stress lamination during the diamond's formation are the main cause of the red colour. While there are some diamonds known as purplish-red, or red with other colour modifiers, a pure red diamond is seldom seen. 


Those lucky enough to see a red diamond have noted that the stone does not resemble a ruby, garnet or other red gemstone in colour. The colouring of a red diamond is somewhat sweeter. In some cases, diamonds that appear red to the eye are actually fancy deep or dark pinks. Although the difference between a moderately dark pink and a red diamond is at times subtle, the stone and colour saturation that results in the face-up appearance associated with a red is seldom seen. Fancy colour diamonds can have the prefix 'intense' or 'vivid' in their colour grading scales. Red diamonds, however, are never described as being intense or vivid because gemmological laboratories consider the red colour itself as intense or vivid. 


Like many other colour diamonds, fancy red diamonds can be found in one pure colour or with secondary hues, which include purplish, brownish, and orangey. While other colours come in several intensity levels, red diamonds come in one intensity level, fancy red. The rarity of true red diamonds is reflected in their price.


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